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I approach my mentoring responsibilities from a place of personal growth and experienced insights...a space where I have learned that my thoughts, emotions, words, and movements affect my reality in tangible ways. If you are in the process of awakening to your inner potential and are ready to explore (and embody) ever-deeper levels of your inner universe through reactivating your hidden abilities, then I can be of service.
I've been fortunate to have experienced a privileged life, in the sense of having managed to turn my passion into my path. During the course of applied studies in the area of mind-body consciousness technologies for the past 19 years, I've undergone profound transformations within myself, and the clients who have collaborated with me have seen similar shifts within their own lives.
The 'SUPERPOWER' mentoring program is an individualized path of self discovery, where the Hero of this Journey being undertaken is YOU.
I provide one-to-one sessions where I can directly listen and work with your heart callings, giving voice to the hidden gifts and natural powers that are your birthright.
Our time together will include Skype sessions, weekly writing exercises, and my own line of reading and video tools - all of which are used in order to mutually assist us through this adventure of self-actualization. Most importantly, we can explore - with the child-like curiosity - new ways of seeing our own life stories while simultaneously launching an exciting new chapter... from the unknown, to the known, to the unknowable.
The course consists of three 1(one)-hour Skype sessions over the course of one month, with reading, Audio, and video material alongside weekly email-based exercises .
This investment in your own realized abilities is $999 for the 4 week program.
The course is designed for entrepreneurial spirits - thought-leaders who are seeking to bring their personal offerings to new media audiences. It includes diving deeper into developing your own origin story, translating your gifts into resonant messaging, and promoting awareness to relevant demographics across the cross-platform landscape, especially social media. Skills training will focus upon a variety of PR/marketing ‘performance’ tools, including how to present yourself through your message, and developing consistent value and genuine connection with your followers, friends and fans.
The course consists of four 1(one)-hour Skype sessions per month over the course of three months.
This investment in your own social media story developments is $1,111 per month for 3 months.
Total investment is 3,333. (If you pay the full amount upfront, you’ll receive $333 off the full price as a gesture of appreciation.)
One-time ‘Skype Me’ sessions consist of a one hour online call (preferably video but not necessary) where we can delve into topline issues, breakthroughs, blockages, and strategies for achieving life/purpose goals!
This investment is $150.

Andrew Morrissey is a coach for the Emergent Age; focusing on the actualization of one's potential through personal mythos. Using proven technologies of alignment and cultivation within the body and spirit; his work focuses on enabling individuals to recognize their Divine purpose.Extensively trained in the Yogic and Qi Gong arts for many years; Andrew Morrissey works with individuals to perceive, cultivate, and attain the realization of their inherent powers of expansion; abundance, and self-expression.I am here to help beings realize their superheroic selves' he said; and it is True. It was an honour to work with him then; and I continue to work with him to this day. Highly recommended. - Griffin Fae; Founder/Chief facilitator at into the Mythica.

Andrew Morrissey is a Media Director, Personal Mentor, Motivational Messenger and a holistic coach for the Emergent Age, whose primary focus is upon the actualisation of one's potential through the development of an individualized, personal mythos. Using proven technologies of alignment and cultivation that harmonize the mind/body/spirit trinity, his work centers around enabling individuals to reactivate their super powers of perception - opening new doors which enable the harnessing of universal energies. - Reina Kaur: Muse and Author.

Just want to THANK YOU Andrew Morrissey for inspiring me to believe in being more of myself, and for mentoring me in how to put myself 'out there' in a way that's authentic, potent and uniquely me.Your understanding of social media, today's technology and the art of communication & character development has grounded the 'how' and 'what' of promoting my life's work to a whole new plane of AWESOME. - Jared Osborne: Men's Relationship Coach.

‘In the last century, the mythos of the Superhero has come to the forefront of global mass awareness. It signifies a great shift in the collective human consciousness, as the incredible and innately-human ability to shape the very fabric of reality is becoming an everyday philosophy.’ – Andrew Morrissey.