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Having spent a decade in the life coaching and personal development fields, the Media Mentoring services I provide (in collaboration with creative consultant catalyst Tim McClew) are an evolutionary offshoot of this career path.
Tim and I are a great fit for one another, as our individual strengths and knowledge base “fill in the gaps” of each other’s blind spots when it comes to offering a holistic coaching and content-aligning re-brand of product and service offerings for New Media sales/awareness-building campaigns.
We also offer an ‘introductory’ course that is designed for entrepreneurial spirits - thought-leaders who are seeking to bring their personal offerings to online audiences. It includes diving deeper into developing your own origin story, translating your gifts into resonant messaging, and promoting awareness to relevant demographics across the cross-platform landscape, especially social media. The skills training segment of this course will focus upon a variety of PR/marketing ‘performance’ tools, including how to present yourself through your message, developing consistent value, and crafting a genuine connection with your followers, friends and fans.
This package includes initial consultation, analysis of products/services, creating a multi-media overview of the business vision, establishing audience and platform strategies, harnessing PR and content marketing, generating brand equity, and presentation/pitch skills development.
Moving from the analysis/game-planning of Mentoring into actual design and execution of branded creative content - includes top-end digital audio-visual technology, professional direction and coaching, editorial copy, and post-production assembly.
* Please note that this price does not include additional fees which may be incurred due to the scale and scope of a particular branded content film project - such costings would be discussed and agreed upon prior to filming.

My soul was ready to come out and play, she had already been through the motions of healing self over the years and had the tools intact for transformation, but there was something missing, the pieces did not seem to fit together. Andrew came along with a message that was unique, yet an Ancient familiarity, time lines started to disappear, yet i was present. The mystery began to unfold right here. Incredibly, the formless started to take shape and became form, inducing manifestation at an pace i have never experienced before. All parts of mySelf began to unite and integrate, unleashing my soul to be expressed in the world. This is not just a dream of the future, yet you feel that this is where you once were but time in the matrix disappears with Andrew, no wonder the title 'Mr Multiuniverse'. If you are asking for real change, be ready to take action because with Andrew all is possible, from the point of soul blueprints. Truly blessed'. - Norma Saba

You know they say the eyes are the doorway to your soul and I found that to be authentically true of Andrew. The first thing I noticed about him is his eyes, how penetrating it was, how I could see into his being, how familiar it was. I felt an instant kinship. I met him at a photography workshop hosted by Azriel Cohen. Andrew was documenting Azriel through the awesome art of video making. It was great timing because I have been wanting to learn to capture a story through this form of art. We both talked about our passion for creating personal and social change through multimedia. I asked him to teach me and he did, without any hesitation, despite his busy schedule! Here is my first attempt at interviewing through the use of video.- Yuko Maskay: Journalist [NEPAL]

I want to express my love and gratitude to you for helping me bust through old patterns of unworthiness to truly see the gifts that are inside me. You have helped inspire me to express and create from a place of potent authenticity that I didn't know I had access to. Your heartfelt care, knowledge of social media, attention to detail, wonderful storytelling ability and character development has given me the tools and the 'know how" to share my gifts and services to the world in way that feels completely aligned. You have a skill for revealing hidden talent in others and communicating your knowledge confidently and clearly. I couldn't have started my new platform of service without you! - David Beaudry Vital Performance Coach and co-founder of Universal Heroes

‘Social media is the greatest revolution the planet has ever seen. We are sharing our stories while transforming the collective mythos. We are the gatekeepers - we are changing the world one post at a time.’ – Andrew Morrissey.